Olympia The Dream Sutcliffe Park
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Series of digital C-prints - 20 x 24 in. each


The Data Transfers project emerged from an effort to clean up the millions of megabytes of digital image data currently clogging the arteries of my computer hard drive space. As I sorted through the thousands of digital photographs I took over the past few years, I encountered many images that made me think of others that preceded them. I realized that my experience of the ‘here and now’ and my idea of what makes a good picture is mediated by and infused with the afterimage of pictures stored in my memory— images from movies, paintings, mass media sources etc.

I thought that it could be interesting to intentionally merge the image data of the ‘real’ and the ‘imaginary’ in a process of digital bricolage. The resulting ‘data transfers’ blur the boundaries between the histories and practices of analogue photography and painting into a realm where the pixel levels the playing field for all kinds of image data, representations of the ‘real’ or the ‘imaginary,’ of ‘high art’ and ‘low art’... Data Transfers also explore the level of threshold between representation and notions of digital pollution and image erosion.


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