ECOLOGICAL IMPACT I: The Plight of the Urban Forest (2006)

Performance by Alina Ilyasova and Helma Sawatzky
in Crescent Park, Surrey BC Canada.
Now more than ever are we becoming aware of the impact of our lifestyle on the environment. Global warming, pollution, fossil fuel emissions have become part of our daily vocabulary. In the past, we have relied on the advances of modern science to deal with any and all problems generated by our lifestyle. Few of us are ready to seriously consider the lifestyle changes necessary to really bring about change...

The Plight of the Urban Forest, a collaboration with artist Alina Ilyasova, is part of the Ecological Impact Series. This performance took place in Crescent Park, Surrey BC in the spring of 2006. Dressed in white labcoats and wearing latex gloves, we spent an afternoon wrapping a tree with clingwrap in a humorous and metaphoric attempt to protect it from the airpollutants present in the urban environment.

We documented the process in the form of a slideshow compilation of stills set to music. The slideshow included a few introductory remarks about the impact of fossil fuel emissions.

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