THE GREAT CANADIAN WEST: Projecting Futures into the Present (2007)
Cormorants Inukshuk Sutcliffe Park Campbell Valley Park Crescent Beach English Bay Highway 99
Series of
digital C-prints -

10'x16' each


The Great Canadian West: Projecting Futures into The Present consists of a series of ditigal colour photographs taken in various locations in British Columbia.

Each photograph represents a public space which has been explored for its possibitlies in terms of possible 'public-private partnerships' as advocated by the provincial government of British Columbia. My digital subversions of images take on strategies of 'detournement' in the spirit of the SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL and ADBUSTERS, a Vancouver-based band of culture jammers.


Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
NO LOGO / Naomi Klein
Situationist International
Matt Siber - the floating logos project

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