SCATTER PLOTS (2008 - 2009)
Scatter Plots: Bear Creek Park | C-print mounted on aluminum dibond | 36 x36 inches


The Scatter Plots series stages its smallest unit, the pixel, as both medium and metaphor.

I use pixelation to create moments of rupture within the image, moments which expose the ‘nature’ of digital photography pixels on a grid, moments which engage the capacity of the human mind to impute missing data, moments that activate the image as a façade signifying both our desire and the ephemeral experience of nature. The title Scatter Plots plays on the essence of the digital image as a grid of data points.

The pixel traps many binary motions: it simultaneously constructs and deconstructs, it renders detail and abstracts image information, it represents ‘reality’ and conjures up illusions.


Thomas Ruff - JPEG series
Gerhard Richter - Cologne Cathedral Stained Glass Window
Roy Arden - Colour photographs of construction sites

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