VIRTUALITIES: Embodying the Data Traveler (2008)
30 x 40 inches

"A cyberspace is a light-show."
(Paul Virilio in an interview with Louise Wilson)

A while ago I decided that my time had come to take on the role of virtual tourist and embark on a Grand Tour in the hope of expanding my horizons and exposing myself to a firsthand experience of virtual nature and antiquities. In the true spirit of a nineteenth century Grand Tour, I set out to “witness natural scenes and phenomena not found at home; to visit cabinets of curiosities and other collections of unique objects” (Walters) as may be encountered in cyberspace. My travels into one of today’s self-proclaimed 'leading online worlds, ACTIVE WORLDS, took place in March and April 2008 from my home in Surrey British Columbia, Canada. I went sightseeing in several of its virtual domains and photographed my screen from my embodied existence in real time and space similar to how I would approach my ‘real life’ holiday snapshots.


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Wilson, Louise. “Cyberwar, God And Television: Interview with Paul Virilio.” CTHEORY. 12/1/1994. 4 March 2008. <>


Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG
Stephen Andrews - 2005 paintings
Roy Lichtenstein - the CYMK dot screen as construction grid of the image
Claude Monet - Water lilies

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